Technical Details
 Flow Rate  5 Ltrs/min
 Supply Voltage  220V + 15%
 U.V. Lamp  20 Watts
 Filter Cartridge  Multilayer PP wound
 U.V. Chamber  Stainless steel
 Power Consumption  35 Watts
 Fuse Rating  500 mA
 Water Pressure  1.5 Kg/sqcm (min)
   3 Kg/sqcm (max)
Salient Features:-
 1  High flow model, capacity 5Ltrs/min ideal for use in  schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants, factories & other public places.
 2  Worldwide accepted U.V. technology for pure water
 3  Imported, high performace 20 watt U.V. lamp.
 4  Simple installation.
 5  Easy maintenance.
 6  Can be installed with a loft water cooler
 7  Three High capacity 10" commercial P.P. filter & carbon cartridge for better filtration.